Cabotine specialises in celebration and cocktail garments.  The designer Gema Nicolás, inherited her passion for fashion and design from her parents, who were both immersed in the textile industry. She grew up surrounded by fabrics, embroideries and patterns until in her youth finally succumbed to the fascinating world of fashion.

Her first professional contact with the sector occurred in 1991 from the commercial slope, which allowed her to deal in person with clients, to know their tastes and needs. Gema connected immediately with the textile business and decided to become a designer, combining her studies with an active collaboration in the design of the collections of her family company. As a result of her acquired knowledge, that same year she created the brand CABOTINE. The company quickly positioned itself as a major force within the market of celebration fashion. As of 1998, Gema took over the reins of the creation team.

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